This post will be a guide to the basics of using Discord [specifically how to join our channels].

  1. Install Discord. This part should be pretty self explanatory if you've ever installed any software before ;-)

  2. After installation, you'll be asked to log in. If you don't already have a discord account [which i assume you don't if you're reading this tutorial], you'll need to click Register. Enter your VALID [important] email, then choose a username and password.

  3. Head over to your email inbox and verify your email address by clicking the link sent to you.

  4. Log in to the Discord app [since you already signed up and verified your email, if you choose, you may download the discord mobile app from the app store/google play and use that instead].

  5. Go to our website [or click the "home" tab, assuming you're still on here reading this]. At the bottom left of the page, there is a box that says "WE HAVE MOVED TO DISCORD". Under that, click the blue tab that says "Join Server". SCREEN
    If you're on mobile you can click THIS LINK

  6. A new tab in your browser will open, click "Accept Invite", then when the Launch Application prompt pops up, choose "Discord" and "Open Link". SCREEN

YOU'RE IN!! :-) Simply click the Zom face SCREEN, and you're automatically in the text chat [#general].
To join voice chat, click "Battlefield 4".

If you want to switch between open mic and push to talk, click the gear icon next to your username SCREEN, and then click "Voice and Video" SCREEN. All of your other options are in this menu as well, and its all pretty self-explanatory.

If you have other questions, post them in this thread and we will help you in any way we can!!