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Who is your NFL team?

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New to the Nation, figured I would post up something most US people can relate to "football".
Which to most other countries is soccer, which I have played both, LOL.

How is your team looking this year, after the draft??

I think my 6x Super Bowl champion, the Pittsburgh Steelers, have another descent shot at the 7th silver trophy.

Big Ben, sticking around for another year. Somehow, AB is looking better and better every season.
We have a strong back field, and with Deebo, Mr. Harrison coming back to the defense, it looks like a pretty good year.

Crossed off 1 of my bucket list items, by watching the Steelers beat the crap out of the Deadskins, 1st game, last season in DC.

Posted May 7, 17 · OP
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I'd comment to talk trash about Shitsburgh but im a Vikings fan so I have no leg to stand on in this argument.

How do you feel about the JuJu draft pick and the little twitter beef between Martavis ans Coates?
Posted May 9, 17
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