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So I Just Submitted This Paper For School

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Out of a strong personal enjoyment for this piece of software, coupled with the worry that my classmates might avoid referencing a video game, I’ve decided to write about Battlefield 4. I’ll be supporting my personal answers to this week’s questions with a large body of evidence gathered from reputable sources from around the world, using the APA format. Please enjoy!

Discuss at least one of my preferred application software with the class.

In the application software model presented by Williams and Sawyer, Battlefield 4 is a piece of entertainment software (Williams, 2015, p. 113). This particular piece of software happens to be a popular video game developed and published by Electronic Arts, one of many large software companies headquartered in Silicon Valley.

Why do I find this software beneficial?

Leading with the primary benefit that this piece of software provides me, Battlefield 4 is simply fun to play. This video game gives affords me a method of relaxation, while also supplying me with gratuitous amounts of enjoyment and satisfaction. Most of us turn to a comforting hobby when the proverbial going gets tough, and for me that hobby happens to be Battlefield 4. Personal reasons aside, there are a plethora of benefits to be had from playing this kind of video game. Studies have shown that playing video games vastly improves brain functionality, and can be used to treat everything from memory loss to stroke victims.

As a paratrooper, my ability to safely navigate my parachute through the crowded sky during a jump directly correlates to the safety of myself and those around me. While accidents are common during airborne operations, I’ve never collided with a fellow jumper in the five years that I’ve been doing this. This might possibly have something to do with me being an avid gamer, since studies conducted by researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development show that video games improve “spatial navigation, memory formation, strategic planning and fine motor skills” (Drew, 2013).

After years of regularly carrying 130lbs+ of equipment for weeks at a time, and also jumping with most of that weight every couple of months, my knees and back have become very sore. Luckily for me, Battlefield 4 works to distract me from the soreness that has plagued my daily life. Of course, this only works for limited periods of time, and while I’m seated comfortably – so perhaps there is more at work here than simply playing this awesome video game. That said, studies show that video games can reduce “anxiety or pain caused by medical procedures or chronic illness” (Drew, 2013).

With so much of my work having been conducted at night, the ability to operate under limited visibility was paramount to the safety and fluidity of those operations. Night-vision devices are one the tools that we utilize to offset the performance disadvantages associated with functioning at night. Mastering the use of these devices provides the user with a distinct advantage over those who have not, in that many who struggle with these devices often fumble around in the night resulting in damaged equipment, injury, and unnecessary noise. A study conducted at the University of Rochester shows that playing video games, like Battlefield 4, improves a person’s contrast sensitivity (Drew, 2013). My ability to distinguish differences in contrast was crucial in my experience with night-vision devices, which provided me a very smooth experience with them. This study makes sense, since discerning “subtle changes in an image” is important in the use of night-vision devices which severely hinder depth perception (Drew, 2013).

How can my classmates benefit from this software?

Among all the ways playing video games has specifically benefited me, studies have concluded that these video games can also help people with other problems. Researchers at Queen Mary University of London found that video games can improve “cognitive flexibility”, improving the speed and accuracy with which people are capable of tackling psychological tasks (Drew, 2013). A study conducted at the University of Iowa has found that playing video games can “help slow the degree of mental decay associated with the natural aging process” (Drew, 2013). Another study, conducted at the University of Padua in Italy, concluded that video games increase the attention spans and reading capabilities of children (Drew, 2013). Studies also show that playing video games can treat depression, and stroke victims (Drew, 2013). So if my classmates are suffering from any of these issues, perhaps Battlefield 4 can be of great benefit to them.

But what about all the money-hungry lawyers who blame video games for their client’s actions?

As a preemptive measure to combat the cynics that are sure to take offense to this paper, an article published by Texas A&M International University highlights how Dr. Christopher Ferguson, Professor of Psychology, has conducted a series of tests and has concluded that “little evidence exists to link violent game playing with aggression” (Texas A&M, 2016). His studies, along with many others from around the world, have proven that a massive amount of evidence exists to support the hypothesis that video games actually work to improve brain function.

Describe the impact of software development and computing technologies on business productivity.

Williams and Sawyer (2016, p. 323) have concluded that computing technologies and software has increase business productivity, referencing telecommuting as an example of this. In their example, they describe how the ability to work from home has greatly benefited women who must stay at home to watch her children. This is a benefit to the employer in that they are no longer forced to choose a less qualified prospective employee over one that simply cannot make the commute. This also provides them with the added benefit of having certain tasks completed regardless of business hours. Personally, I’d reference the networking as the primary method that has vastly improved business productivity. We now live in a world where anyone can work from anywhere, at any time, to do virtually anything. Businesses are now capable of working together via telecommunication, as the previous example references. They’re capable backing up information in real-time, communicating instantly with coworkers regardless of location, accessing unprecedented libraries and databases of limitless knowledge, and so much more.

Guarini, D. (2013, November). 9 ways video games can actually be good for you. The Huffington Post. Retrieved from The Huffington Post website

Texas A&M International University. (2016). TAMIU study finds positive results in playing violent video games. Retrieved from Texas A&M International University website from

Williams, B., Sawyer, S. (2015). Using information technology, eleventh edition. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education.
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Wow nice work - That paper just made me all wet...See now I will show my wife I'm right and she is wrong...Good work!!
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