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Discussion about general topics.
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By skeletor ZOM Sep 12, 18
Chat about anything gaming related, no matter what platform!.
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By Wrathzone Jun 2, 18
Any and all discussions about everyone's favorite game to scream at.
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Curious as to what other games are played by are community
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Accusing someone of cheating is a pretty serious thing, so please be sure before wasting everyone's time by calling that person out.

Please use the following format when reporting a suspected cheater/hacker

Post Rules/Format:

Player Name:

What do you suspect?:

What was the time/date of the incident?:

Do you have Video proof ?(YouTube Link):

Your Battlefield 4 Name/Handle:
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By vis_ionmas_ter x Nov 6, 17
Do you feel you have been banned unfairly? You may appeal here with any and all evidence you may have. Please be as specific as possible in your posts.
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By PsP_Z ZOM Dec 10, 17
Community administrators posting notices advising members of a recently banned player, along with the reason, and any evidence available.
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By Grand-K ZOMtag Mar 27, 17
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Official news and announcements.
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Let us know what you think about our cool new website!
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